Is Roma the Perfect Weekend Getaway?

What Makes Roma Queensland the Perfect Weekend Getaway?

The overwhelming nature of big city life can’t be overstressed in a world increasingly urbanised. As mum-and-pop shops slowly fade away in exchange for apartment buildings and corporate skyscrapers, it’s fair to feel like the concrete jungle is slowly stopping sunlight from reaching your face.


Areas like the Gold Coast or The Great Barrier Relief are easy answers for those looking for a quick getaway, ironically making the cons from its crazy tourism easy to see. Unsustainable interaction with wildlife, destruction of natural habitats and water pollution have been decade long issues, with signs unfortunately pointing to a worsening future. It’s not to say that it’s not worth visiting these places anymore, though – a lot of what makes these locations beautiful to behold continues to thrive against environmental problems.


But for those in search of a niche escape from the hustle and bustle of city-life, Roma can be a tasteful alternative. An outback wonderland for those pondering Queensland’s best nature features – and the Roma Explorers Inn is here as the perfect Roma hotel to accommodate your adventures!


Carnarvon Gorge – National Park

There’s no talk about natural attractions in Queensland’s best getaways without starting with the state’s own national park, Carnarvon Gorge.


Although the location is another 2 hour drive outside of Roma, if you’re up for the travel, you’ll get your bang for your buck. In its entirety, the national park is enclosed within the gorge itself, and spans roughly 30 kilometres from end to end – large enough to constitute whole sections of eventfully independent (but environmentally interconnected) areas, and gorgeous enough to single handedly account for the time-slots in your trip calendar.

Rock pools, nature trails, hiking tracks and indigenous rock art are all part of the package here, giving you the perfect natural breather from your man-made surroundings.

Carnarvon Gorge, Roma Queensland.Roma Bush Gardens

For those keen on a genuine venture into the Australian bush experience – just minus the peskiness of harmful and annoying buglife – the Roma Bush Gardens are a definite must on your itinerary. 


Dams blockade the ends of the garden reservoir, making it the perfect stroll for those needing a detox from civilisation. As exotic bird species populate along the reservoir banks, wildlife is abundant throughout the garden, giving the perfect balance between plant and animal life to inspect along the way.


Adungadoo Pathway

Still craving a peaceful walk, but without the dirt pathways lining your way from start to end? Bungil Creek, known in the Mandandanji language as Adungadoo Pathway, suits this need perfectly, being a quiet walk through hefty river gums, highlighted by a concrete paved pathway.


The pavement makes for a great alternative to your hikes that otherwise dominate the Roma area. Naturally, it makes for great cardio alternatives, with the sturdy  footing making cycling, jogging or otherwise possible in the outback.


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