Places to Visit for a Roma Pre-wedding Relaxing Getaway

Planning a wedding is fun until it’s not. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the stress and the drama. Especially right before the wedding when everything seems to fall apart at the same time. So, even though a little getaway seems like the last thing you want to do, it might be just what you need. Get your friends or your significant others and maybe plan a little pre-wedding relaxing getaway in Roma, Queensland. And if you’re hosting your wedding in Roma Explorers Inn, head to the venue a couple of days earlier and check out these attractions nearby. 


The Big Night Show Sunset Experience, Roma 

Roma’s history is heavily intertwined with the discovery of natural gas. And a visit to Roma isn’t complete without a tour of the Big Rig. If you’re planning to take the self-guided tour, make sure to time it right so that you can enjoy the Night Show sunset experience

Filled with drama, sabotage, intrigue and suspense, the one-hour tour from the “Roma Rigger” guide’s perspective might just be the perfect distraction from your own dramas. Besides, you can never go wrong with an outback sunset view.

The tour runs weeknights from April to October, and three days a week from November to March. 


Great Artesian Spa, Mitchell 

Although an hour away in the west of Roma, the Great Artesian Spa may be the perfect pre-wedding relaxing getaway to rid yourself of your stress. The two large pools are filled from the Great Artesian benefits, and are always at the perfect temperature, regardless of the weather. They work wonders to rejuvenate your tired muscles and ease your tension.

Roma Hotel for Pre Wedding in Roma QLD

If you want a break from the water, you can always touch up your tan by resting on the deck while enjoying barista-made coffees and delicious lunches. 


Carnarvon Gorge, Carnarvon National Park

If you feel jumpy and need to burn off some nervous energy, taking a hike in the Carnarvon Gorge might help. Since it’s two and a half-hours drive away, you might want to make a full day-out adventure out of it.

Jump into the car, roll the windows down and put the music on blast, singing to your heart’s content for this fun pre-wedding relaxing getaway. Make a breakfast stop halfway through and fuel up on rich and creamy barista-made coffees. Or if you want to start the day a little late, you can indulge in the room service breakfast at the Roma Hotel before leaving. 

But make sure you don’t waste too much time. Once you arrive at the park, the walking tracks are a stone’s throw away from the campground and you can get right on to basking under the oasis of lush gorges or enjoying the beauty of the towering sandstone cliffs.


Surat Riverside Parklands, Surat 

An hour south of Roma, Surat Riverside Parklands is located behind Burrowes Street on the banks of the Balonne River. Enjoy a quiet picnic on the riverside with a good book and a delicious lunch pack from the Roma Accommodation. The serene views along with the sound of the running water will calm your nerves and let all the worries fade away. 


Roma Street Parklands, Romapre-wedding getaway roma street parkland stroll

If you’re reluctant to travel too far away for your pre-wedding relaxing getaway, you can always take a stroll down the grassy hubs, subtropical plants and colourful flower displays, and rocky peninsulas of the Roma Street Parklands. You can also revel in the 16 commissioned artworks across the parkland, or even enjoy a quiet picnic or barbecue. 

The locations are also perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot!


Plan Your Roma Pre-wedding Relaxing Getaway

It’s okay to take a little break from the wedding drama before the big day. In fact, it might help you get into the right mindset to tackle the array of problems that might come through. Trust your wedding coordinators to take care of the details while you enjoy the downtime that you deserve. 

Don’t worry, Roma Explorers Inn will make sure you and your guests are taken good care of, and that you have nothing to worry about on your special day!

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